Monday, June 20, 2011


Movie night. Eight of us (Meta, Charley Horse, Sarah Palin (formerly known as Party Planner), Narcomancer, Barbecue Man, Nits, Werefox Ninja, and I) went to Fratello's, an Italian restaurant, and then on to see X-Men: First Class.

The food: bland risotto and a pretty good ribeye. The risotto was improved with chili/garlic oil, sundried tomato butter and pepper, after advice from Nits. In all, a good meal.

The movie: Michael Fassbender as Magneto. Havoc. Sebastian Shaw. All good things. The rest? With the exception of what might be the best cameo ever and a scene where Magneto kills nazis, one big meh. It was better than the disaster that was X-Men: Last Stand, but that's not saying a lot.

The rest of the day: wrote some stuff. Read some stuff. Wrote some more stuff.

I am working on these texts:
- Another version of the truth. Approx 600 words. I will use it for the Odyssey slam on the 25th. A new spin on an old fairy tale.
- The orchards. Approx 5000 words. Horror. Or rather: Terror. Horror. Revulsion. The three stages of horror fiction. I am having some problems with it, so I might rewrite it from the POV of the bad guy and see what happens.
- The Sagas will have the truth of it. Approx 4500 words. Science fiction. Most ambitious thing I've ever written, as far as complexity goes. And more dialogue than I have ever written. Hopefully the text I will turn in on Thursday.
- Untitled. Approx 2000. High fantasy. Very much in an early stage.

I am also reworking Hair & Magic (very much a working title), mostly because I know Muffin Woman wants me to, and perhaps Something wicked, which was my submission story. Both of them are contemporary fantasy, the first one with a bit of humor (and lots of weird hair), the second one with a lot of violent deaths (and without the words where, when, who, why and what).

I also want to write about a girl who talks to a well, a car mechanic/goblin named Jack, a necroleptic narcomancer, the Rag Queen and the Oak Lord, a mirror that predicts the end of the world, and so much more. Not sure how I will feel after Odyssey is over, when I no longer have the opportunity to read and write for hours and hours per day...

Time will tell.

Oh. I'm not happy with the name Nits. Will have to think about what to change that to.

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