Monday, June 27, 2011

How many monkeys?

Brief status report. More later.

Hot today. They say it will be like this all week. I will hunker down in the airconditioned reading room in the science center as much as possible. Today I am doing laundry, though, so I'm stuck in the apartment, hugging two floor fans.

Later today, our friendly neighborhood food geek Barbecue Man is firing up the grill. I have a steak marinating right now. Nom nom nom.

I turned in my text last night, at 0130. 5971 words, 29 under the limit. Skillz! The last third of the text is chaotic and all over the place, but that is sort of the point. We don't turn in texts to impress anyone, we do it to become better writers.

Discussing the text with Meta spawned the following quote on his part:
You realise that is the worst pickup line ever? "So, what's a Moorish sorceress like you doing in an 11th century Sweden like this?"

When we came to Odyssey, each of us brought a short story we wanted to share with the class. Meta and I both brought Kij Johnson's 26 Monkeys, Also the Abyss. Read it. Read it now.

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