Monday, June 13, 2011

One, two, three, dark-off!

Sunday. Still raining, so the apartment is cool. Slept in a little, then spent the day writing, critiquing, doing journal entries. Wrote approx 1200 words and played around a bit with the text I wrote yesterday. Also sent out that text to some poor souls who volunteered to read it and give response.

If anyone else reading this wants to do the same, let me know. You'll get a thank you in my book once I'm a world famous author.

Charley Horse challenged me to a dark-off yesterday. As in, "who can write the darkest story?". There have been some disturbing moments in the texts we have read so far, but the revulsion factor has been low.

I wrote a death yesterday that could be really gruesome. Not sure if I captured it, though. Have to wait and see what the readers say. If I get it right, victory in the dark-off shall be mine!

Yesterday nine of us (Guitar, Charley Horse, Alaska, Party Planner, Narcomancer, Dundee, Barbecue Man, me and one more I haven't figured out a name for yet) went to dinner. Thai food, we said. Yes, Charley said, I found one. So off we went. It turned out to be Chinese food. Oh well. Close enough? Not really. Dundee and Barbecue had Chinese for lunch.

Food has, as always when I'm in the US, become a central theme. We've been to Nadeau's, the sub place, three times over the last couple of days. At least I changed it up today and had another kind of sub. It was also very very tasty.

I need to write a story about food.

The best quote from yesterday, actually in two parts:
"I'm spending my time trying to catch a chipmunk and teach him to write." - Dundee

And right after that:
"If a room full of monkeys can write Shakespeare, what would a room full of chipmunks write?" - Guitar
"Twilight." - Barbecue Man

And with that, I will take my leave, my little chickens. Off to eat food and watch Super 8. A little pat on our own backs for working hard this weekend.

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