Saturday, June 11, 2011

Late night rants

Late night after an exhausting day, dorm room. Two jet engine fans going, all of us coming down from a major sugar rush (cookies!!!).

So what happens? Three tired, talkative geeks in the same room? These are the subjects that have been discussed:
Comic book movies. Jack Sadness the sock puppet hobo. Where the Wild Things Are. Aardman Studios. Stephen Spielberg (Charley, after we've talked about AI for a while: "Now I remember my rants..."). Tintin. Invader Zim. Rendevouz with Rama. The Matrix (we wanted a real war!). Batman in various incarnations.

The question Why are we still up? was just asked. Good question.

And as I am starting to close down, Charley comes out of the bathroom and says:
"I'm really going to illustrate how much I hated that bathtub scene in ET. I'm gonna get naked and get in the tub, I'm gonna slosh around and then when I call out for you, you can come in. My body is so deformed you'll think it's a cartoon."

Quote of the day, right there. Now? Sleep.

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