Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Pics galore

Some pics. Beacuse sometimes words don't say it all. And this is coming from a writer.

The main administrative building at the college.
Originally a monastery. The clock tower is still there,
to the right, and tolls several times a day.

St Anselm of Canterbury, namesake of the college.

A Swede. Beard attempting some sort of flanking action on the left.

An average road on the campus. It's a nice green campus.
Plenty of chipmunks, though the little critters won't pose for a pic.

Barbecue Man doing what he does, and Charley Horse.

Barbecue Man, Dundee and Meta.

Meta and Charley Horse, caught in a lovely food pose.

As Yet Unnamed and Alaska.

No one is really sure what happened here...

The whole merry barbecue bunch.

Dessert, Odyssey style.

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