Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Table of contents

19:24 (7:24 pm for those of you that can't tell time correctly).

Current contents of livingroom:

One Swedish author/geek/bearded thing.
One American/Canadian author/geek/musician/lots of other stuff.
One American author/geek/teacher(soon)/madman.
One Samsung laptop.
Two MacBooks.
Laptop bag.
Assorted LAN cables.
Tiny iPod headphones.
Big Sony headphones.
Big stack of paper.
Two floor fans.
One table-mounted fan.
Three bottles of water.
Can of Sprite.
Can of Coke.
Bag of peanut M&Ms
Bag of pretzel-like things.
Stack of books (Embassytown by China Mieville, On Writing Horror edited by Mort Castle, Shadows edited by Charles L Grant, Altman's Tongue by Brian Evenson, Toybox by Al Sarrantonio).
Chez Cthulhu (a card game)
About 30 000 words worth of manuscripts.
Assorted handouts and folders and stuff.

And heat. Lots and lots of horrible heat.

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  1. I just have to note, for all your friends who might be reading this back home and sweating on your behalf: it is NOT HOT HERE!!! Sheesh, you big girlie, this is like April weather we're having now. If it were actually late June around here like it's supposed to be, you would be weeping. I venture to say you might've even shaved.