Sunday, June 19, 2011

Weekend writing

The day in short.
Critiqued one story out of two for the weekend.
Grocery shopping. Junk food. Bananas. Mop.
Subs at Nadeau's.
Off to a skateboard shop we passed the other day. Turned out to be skate shop. As in hockey. Fail.
Stopped at a yard sale. A Ramones poster for 5 dollars for Charley, a 1 dollar VAST cd for me.
Trip to the local comic book store with seven students and Assistant Teacher. Bought Hellboy tee, Spawn TPB and three blind assortment Kid Robot figures. Moe, Peter Griffin, Evil Monkey. Win!
Slept for half an hour. Or rather, was rendered unconscious by the heat for half an hour.
Listened to Dry Kill Logic about three hours in total.
Walked around campus with Charley, to clear our heads.

The administrative center at the college. And Charley.

Last Saturday I poured out 5000 words, on Sunday 1000. Today the weather has been working against me. However, as darkness settled and the heat dissipated, I started writing. 2000 words of high fantasy story (sorcery, living mountains, Old Gods, the works) and maybe 500 on my scifi story. Good job.

Tomorrow in short.
Critiquing one story.
Finishing the scifi story.
Off to eat at an actual restaurant with actual menues and an actual waiter.
Watch X-Men: First Class

On Monday I get my first in-class critique. Nervous, but excited. Bring it on.

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