Sunday, June 5, 2011


Today, summarised.

Hours, door to door, home to hotel: 17.5.
Signs leading me to the wrong place, at Munich airport: 7
Interesting German vending machines: 2

This from the men's room at Munich airport. What the hell?

Things missing from the airplane, Munich to Boston: chloroform. For the children.
Movies watched on the plane: The Adjustment Bureau (utter crap), Green Hornet (utter utter crap), Tangled (funny in places)
German flight attendants who had their make-up gun set to "whore": 3.
Percentage of state trooper moustaches on customs officers: approx 30.
Thing I forgot at home: the hoodie that goes outside my other hoodies.

Now in Boston. At hotel. Tired. Good night.

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