Saturday, July 9, 2011

Saran wrap

There are people around me with blue saran wrap around their feet. I shit you not.

We had a barbecue today. Burgers, hot dogs, pineapple (yes, on the grill). And strawberries and raspberries (not on the grill). Then we had tons of cupcakes. The latter to say thanks to Gary Braunbeck and celebrate that Werefox Ninja got a two novel deal today. We all cheered for her. And hate her.

One week left. A week of talking about the business end of things. We will have editor John Joseph Adams as a guest, which will be cool. The lecturers so far have all spoken a bit about the business, but now we'll get to listen to someone firmly from that side.

Peeko and I went to the Mexican place for lunch. Luxury lunch! Then on to Newbury Comics where I bought some more blind assortment Kid Robot figures. I got Zoidberg! Woop woop woop!

We also stopped at the Army store I mentioned in an earlier post. They had some cool stuff, like clothes from 5.11 Tactical and some other stuff. I have two shirts from 5.11, and want more. They only had longsleeves, though, so I bought nothing.

I turned to walk out, and saw one of these on a podium:

Who buys a battering ram?!?!?!

I just realised I broke my timeline now. I did a flashback. A no-no. Damn it. Hopefully Evil Overlord isn't reading this...

Right now, brainstorming session. And some bourbon. I am floating an idea about a girl that talks to a well. The madmen and -women here have given me a lot of good ideas. It looks like it'll be an old-school fairytale. Cool.

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