Monday, July 25, 2011

Festival the way it should be done

A Canadian festival.

Two days, in the middle of a major city.
Eleven million Disturbed tshirts.
Two Meshuggah shirts, mine being one of them.
Blistering heat (I burned one side of my neck).
Security guys pretty much everywhere.
Water everywhere, barely any lines (live and learn, Metaltown).
Two large stages next to each other, with maybe three minutes between each band.
A smaller stage for smaller bands a short way away through woods that effectively blocked the roar from the larger stages.
Beer cost 5 dollars (approx 35 kronor) and could be carried around on the grounds.
Jägermeister girls with the logo shaved into the back of their heads walked around and offered Jägermeister shots for 4 dollars (approx 30 SEK):

I saw some bands:
Bearded. Groovy. Awesome. 4/5.
Best banter ever:
"This is a song about seafood."
"We've got some more songs. Then we don't have any more songs."

Intense. Heavy. 3/5.
Jamey Jasta is an awesome frontman. The Beard of Doom (a.k.a. Kirk Windstein of Crowbar and Down) had a microphone with the sound turned way down, which sucked.

Usually gods live. 3/5.
Only played five songs. It's only a matter of taste, but the two from "The Blackening" and the new tune "Locust" are boring to the point of exhaustion. These three were bracketed by "Imperium" and "Davidian", which saved the day.

Killer live band. 4/5.
Really not my thing, but gods what a frontman they have in Anders Fridén, gods what a voice he has, and gods what a razor sharp band they are live.

In all the festival was the best I've been too in terms of organisation and logistics, and I had a great time.

On the way back I ran into some people from Metal Blade and Roadrunner, and we spent time ranting about a world in which Disturbed draws bigger crowds than Machine Head and Red Fang, which we all agreed was the best band of the night.

Had some drinks with said label people, then off to bed.

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