Monday, September 24, 2012

Three and out

So it turned we didn't go to the zombie bar or the Mono gig. I was way too tired and jetlagged for the gig, and the bar just slipped our minds. We met Paul's friend Chad and drove around a bit, did some shopping (books and the obligatory Cthulhu X-mas ornament), and sat around talking.

We went to a Mexican place where I had a burrito the size of my thigh, and later simple bar food before we went to see Safety Not Guaranteed. You need to see this movie. Watch the trailer, but since it shows too much, like almost all trailers these days, just watch a minute or so.

Yesterday it was time for the game. I'd only been to two NFL games before, one in 2005 (Rams @ Cardinals) and the other last year, in London (Bears @ Buccaneers), and was really looking forward to seeing "my" team, the San Fransisco 49ers. They were 2-0 before the game, and looking really strong. On paper it was an easy victory over the Vikings.

But no. The 9ers had their asses kicked in a 24-13 loss, a result which in no way reflected the game. It should have been 40-13. Their offense was miserable, and against the Vikings' passing game, their defense sucked. The rookie Vikings QB did a great job and in a few years he's going to be awesome. The noise level in the dome when the Vikings were on defense and it was third down was unbelievable. I felt like someone had repeatedly hit me over the head when I got out of there.

Still, it was a cool experience. I started talking to a couple of people next to me, best friends who supported one team each, and had a few laughs with them. I pointed out that when not even a bearded Swede is a Vikings fan you should start thinking about supporting another team. One of them had been travelling all over Europe but not to Sweden, so we talked a bit about that. Do the women also have beards? he asked. I am the best-looking woman in the country, I replied.

Paul and Mary picked me up after the game, and we met up with Chad again. Went to a great restaurant that did Pakistani/Afghani/Indian food. I had steamed dumplings, filled with veggies, chicken and yak. Yes, yak. Good stuff. Then we went to Chad's place, lit a fire, poured a bourbon and sat talking until midnightish. Like Paul, Chad is a geek (we shall inherit the Earth!), but he has taken it one step further and built himself a hidden room. It was hidden behind a bookshelf and accessed using a keypad behind a panel. Soooo cool. Not quite a panic room, more like an anxiety room.

And that was Sunday. Today we might go shopping for shoes, and later Paul's mom is coming over for dinner. She followed our Odyssey adventures via my blog last year, and wants to say hi. Tomorrow I fly to Boston to start my New England roadtrip.

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