Monday, August 1, 2011

On the streets of New York

I have been walking around New York for a few days now. I've done a shitload of shopping (sneakers, a few dvd boxes, cargo pants, Hellboy's Right Hand of Doom, a Kangol hat etc) but more than anything, this city is always about the people and what goes on around them.

So. Pictures. More text some other time.

Playing petanque in Bryant Park.

"My balls are closer together than yours."

Sit down in Bryant Park, borrow a book, enjoy the sun.

Old men watching a chess game.
Like something out of a movie.

Bryant Park in all its glory.

A street percussionist. He moved all his stuff around the whole
time, and created complex layers of beats and noise. Awesome.

Best fries I've ever had, and a slider. You're really supposed
to eat more than one, but this was more than enough.

In 1995, I saw Deftones open for Misery Loves Co here.
Now it's a small shopping center with hip designer stores.

I had to buy stamps, so I went looking for a
post office. I wasn't expecting The Post Office.

Foosball tables in Greeley Square.

Hanging out with my boy Bob.

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  1. Nice pictures Martin! It's very interesting to see NY through your camera lens.